Creating an Ideal legacy

Ideal Property Group is a property development group that brings together humanistic, community-focused, energy-saving and environmentally sustainable elements to build quality developments for people to live, work and play.

In recent years, Penang has been on the rise as one of the more modern, urbanised states in the country and it owes a great deal to the rapid development and industrialisation around the island. Property development plays a huge role in catalysing the growth of the state and when there is an abundance of property developers, competition is bound to happen. In order to rise to the top of the market, Ideal undertook a bold approach to set themselves apart from their competitors. The striking phrase ‘The Leading Property Developer in Penang’ became their main messaging idea. This led to them seeking our expertise to build an advertising campaign around this message using a more subtle and humble approach.


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IDEAL Property Group

Just a little Human Touch

For this particular project, we worked closely with Ideal to develop a mini advertising campaign to communicate the message, strengthen brand awareness and increase sales. As property investment is a significant, long-term decision, it was important for us to craft a campaign that is able to resonate with the audience and their values as well as lifestyle choices. This time around, we designed a series of billboard advertisements for Ideal to be put up around critical advertisement spots inside the Penang International Airport. Seeing that Ideal aims to target the younger generation who came back from abroad and are looking to settle down or invest in properties around Penang, our advertising campaign is built around the concept of young families starting their own homes and legacies. The phrases ‘Let Us Guide You Home’ and ‘Start Creating Your Legacy Today’ were deliberately added as part of the campaign to drive an emotional connection.

The aspirational and appealing series of advertisements was a successful campaign. Due to our creative, approachable and emotion-centric method of communicating the message, the campaign managed to influence the younger generation effectively to invest in Ideal’s properties.

IDEAL Property Group
IDEAL Property Group
IDEAL Property Group
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